Casual Tutors Wanted


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Tutor Doctor
Newcastle & Morningside

WANTED! University students, Teaching undergraduates, retired or casual teachers or degree qualified professionals.

We only provide in-home tutoring as our experience indicates online is ineffective for school students. Do not apply if you are looking to be an online tutor.

Have you considered a rewarding casual job that allows you to help school students improve their academic standing and lift their self-confidence? If so, being a casual tutor with Tutor Doctor may be what you are looking for. You do not require prior experience as a tutor.

We teach you how to organize and run tutoring sessions. We just need your subject matter knowledge. If you are an undergraduate your journey as a tutor will deliver re-useable skills valuable for your resume such as, communication, organisation, planning and mentoring.

Our typical student is in Y3 to Y10 and requires assistance with Maths and English. While high ATAR achievers are always valuable for Y11 and Y12 students our roster mainly has a little above average ATAR achievers with a strong desire to help others.

We do tutor Science, Humanities, Languages etc but these are much lower frequency jobs. So, if Ancient History, for example. was a strong subject for you, you will probably get an opportunity to tutor that subject as well.

Our work arrangement offers the flexibility to work around other commitments and you get to choose which students you tutor and those you refuse.

If you would like to apply just complete the form after clicking the APPLY NOW button. Short-listed candidates are then invited to a zoom interview.