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Do You Want To Be Considered For A Casual Tutoring Position?

We are now accepting Expressions of interest from Y12 students for positions available from January.

How To Become a Professional Tutor

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Planning to start a University Degree next year?


We Have a Casual Work Opportunity

as a Tutor for School Students

Once enrolled in January / February, the next step will be to find casual employment to provide funds to support your lifestyle while studying.

You can stack shelves at Coles, serve tables at that local café/restaurant, flip burgers etc, OR, you can utilize your subject knowledge from High School to help other students achieve better grades and lift their confidence. Your journey as a tutor will deliver re-useable skills valuable for your resume such as, communication, organisation, planning and mentoring.


What Are The Attributes of  Our Typical Tutoring Student?

Our most typical student is in Y3 to Y10 and needs help with Maths and / or English. As everyone must complete English and Maths through to Y12 these days we find most University students have the capacity to tutor both subjects to Y10 at least.

If you can also tutor, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, legal Studies, History etc, that’s a bonus but these are not our main focus when hiring a tutor.

The tutors with the largest contingent of tutoring hours are those who cover Y3 to Y10 Maths and English and can also cover some other subjects.


How Do You Learn To Be A Tutor?

We teach you!

You bring subject knowledge and personality, and we provide the rest. Our orientation process teaches you how to do all the education components of tutoring and shows you where to gather resources to help you structure an interesting session for your students.


How Many Hours Do I Have to Tutor?

As few or as many as your schedule permits. It’s your choice.

We profile jobs that match your attributes, including proximity to the job, and you get to say Yes or No to each offered job.


What Do I Need To Do To Become A Tutor?

You will need an official copy of your Y12 results. That can be a HSC, QCE, VCE, IB or any Australian equivalent qualification. You receive this with your results.

You will need a valid Paid Working With Children Check or Blue Card depending on which state you are going to work for us. To obtain this you need to be 18 years old. We provide you with the link to apply during the recruitment process.

Not sure which University you will attend yet? So not sure which city you will be in? That's OK. We have offices Australia wide so can offer work in most University cities.

Now just complete the expression of interest form on the web page linked below and we will contact you after Y12 results are published to see if you are still interested. If so, we will start the recruitment process so you can be available for the inflow of new student enquires in January and February.


Expression of Interest Form - Just click the Register Interest Button


Tutor Doctor is the largest tutoring business globally with over 600 service areas in 16 countries. We have a significant database of assessments, exercises and tutor resources that provides enormous additional value. Our competitors rely entirely on the knowledge of individual tutors they engage. While our rigorous employment process only ensures the best tutors are selected, we still put them through a significant training process before they attend their first session.